Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Your intuition is your most accurate companion on your journey. Yet its voice is quiet, and can easily be drowned out by the noisy, busy external world. This lunation asks for your surrender: to stop doing and focus more upon being, feeling and healing.  Dull the noise of the obligations that you have as a physical being, and tune into the needs of you as a spiritual being. What does your SOUL say? Carve space on this Pisces full moon to depart from your normal routine and allow these big-picture insights to come to the surface. 

This lunation is bundled with Neptune, which can enhance your sensitivity, intuition and emotions. Allow yourself to cry - this, too, is a release. Notice what emotions have been buried under the busyness of maintaining your daily world - and give yourself the grace and space to feel them fully. Observe the intuitive downloads you receive and creative downloads you channel - muse is whispering to you with this Neptunian full moon.

While the Virgo Sun may be pressuring you to be, do, achieve and commit to MORE, this lovely lunation is a reminder of the beauty of divine timing. Your life’s purpose will not pass you by. Everything is unfolding exactly as it should, when it should - can you TRUST the process? Can you pivot when the plans change? How can you enjoy the process of your own becoming?

With this Pisces full moon squaring Mars, you may feel scattered and overwhelmed trying to do it all. Choose easy this full moon. Choose surrender. Choose peace. Feel the freedom of letting go of where you’ve been “efforting.” With Mercury currently retrograde and Mars in its pre-retrograde shadow,  the cosmos are giving you a blissful pause - to review, recalibrate, rest and renew. Will you receive this heart-opening invitation to sink in the beautiful present rather than rushing into your future? 

Let the waves of compassion, muse and forgiveness wash over you with this heart-opening, soul-soothing lunation. 

Pisces Full Moon Soul-Centered Ritual

As this full moon is deeply asking for flow, it is one to be celebrated with, or by, water. If possible, go to the ocean, river or lake - allow yourself to relish in the magnificence of nature. Watch as the water flows, gracefully and gently. See how with every ebb comes the inevitable flow. See how it is perfect, even in its chaos. 

Take a journal to write down any intuitive hits you receive as you allow yourself to feel cleansed and renewed by the watery scenery. Here are some journal prompts to get your creative juices flowing:

  • What makes me feel connected to a sense of meaning bigger than myself?
  • Where in my life am I asking to surrender?
  • How can I release perfection to embrace the loveliness of right now?
  • Where can I have more compassion for others?
  • How can I have more compassion and forgiveness for myself?

If you can’t get to a body of water, take a spiritual bath to answer these journal prompts and meditate  - picture the water soaking up everything you want to release (doubt, stress, perfectionism), then visualize it going down the drain, fully released once you finish.

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