Full Moon in Cancer

Cancer–– the universal archetypal mama. Full Moons are always a wild, vibrant moment of awakening in the monthly Moon cycle. In Cancer, the power of contrast in the Full Moon when the Sun is opposite the Moon, is all the more potent as the Moon gets cozy in its home of Cancer. Our feelings are likely to be ripe and dripping with layers of sentiment. Cancer energy is naturally nostalgic, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the midst of an awakening about a situation from the past.

Not only is this Full Moon opposite the Sun, it’s also opposite Mercury, which is currently retrograde. Mercury retrograde can bring relational obstacles, but it’s also the prime time to reevalute something from an earlier time or pick back up where you left off.

This is a beautiful opportunity to crack your heart wide open to receive the closure you’ve been aching for, or have the courage you need to leap into the next chapter of your life without the shackles of the past. Let this Cancer energy do what it does best: put energy into motion to make emotions. Allowing yourself to feel more deeply than you ever have before will garner new insights and inspirations.

Full Moon Reflection

An activity to get your inner river flowing: Think back to June 28, 2022, when the moon was new in Cancer. This was the planting of the seed that is coming into full bloom under this Cancer full moon. Then think back to this date one year ago. Go back in your journals, camera roll, or even emails to reflect on what was happening in your life. Give yourself the space to recognize the patterns and connections between time. Write or draw about it. Then, draw yourself a bath or create an intentional shower space, giving yourself permission to emote as you please. Grieve, celebrate, rage. No judgment. When you emerge from the water, you’re ready to move on and build towards the future in Capricorn style.

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