Full Moon in Capricorn

A powerful and ambitious Full Buck Moon in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn is greeting us in the midst of sensitive and watery Cancer season. This Full Moon is helping us to actualize our fullest potential as we dive more deeply into how we truly feel.

Each Full Moon sits in the sister sign to the sign of the sun, showing us our duality and how going inward can have a profound impact on our outward journey. With the sun in Cancer, the maternal and nurturing body of the zodiac, she is met lovingly and with great support from the paternal energy of this Capricorn Full Moon. Arriving to us just weeks after the Summer Solstice, this Full Moon in Capricorn will be best embraced by accepting the value of opposition.

Instead of denying our anger, fear, frustration, or resentment, can we instead pour them into our purpose? A great example of this would be to make art after heartache, or allow your anger to serve as fuel to finally finish that home project. Whatever emotions are arising, move through them by taking action during this Full Buck Moon.

With the sun conjunct Mercury (also in intuitive and sentimental Cancer), your words will be your best tool to moving in the direction you want your life to take. Share your true feelings with those you love, speak kindly and proudly to yourself, write out the things you're ready to release in your life, and don't be afraid to initiate plans or projects.

Spend time: following your gut, saying "no" to the things that drag you down, treating yourself as the valuable being you are through self-love and gentle indulgences, in a body of water (one as large as the ocean or as small as your bath tub), writing poetry, journaling, or taking action towards your goals.

Meghan Rose is a world-renowned Astrologer, Tarot reader, and writer. She is the author of Glamour Magazine's monthly Tarotscopes and works with clients and brands worldwide. Her mission is to bring connection to self, others, and the world through her work. Based in Los Angeles, but an avid world traveler, Rose connects people worldwide to bridge the gap between the magical and the mystical through her 1:1 readings, workshops, and retreats.
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