Full Moon in Gemini

Every month when the moon reaches the halfway point in her lunation cycle, we experience the full moon, which is a moment of peak light and illumination. Light is energy; we can think of it as a kind of energetic data. When the moon is full, it means that we are experiencing the most light, energy and data that we will for the month.

This month, the moon reaches her peak in the sign of Gemini, who is the curious and witty intellectual of the zodiac. With the full moon in Gemini, we are invited to reflect on our relationship with our minds, intellect and natural curiosity, what we think and how we express what we think, and how we use language and communicate in our lives. It’s an opportunity to let go of any forms of communication or ideas about communication that you have outgrown. It’s an opportunity to release any communication habits that no longer serve your highest good. It’s an opportunity to see where you may be ready to use your voice for change.  

The full moon in Gemini is also an opportunity to think back over the last 6 months, and specifically to think about what was happening in your life at the end of May, and receive new insights, information and clarity that will help you to move forward.  

The way to work with the energy of the full moon is to be open to receiving new information, to making changes and adjusting your path. The full moon is an opportunity to see what is no longer working and to release what no longer serves your highest good. You are a powerful, sovereign being, you can set intentions to release and purge what you intuitively feel you are ready for. 

Journal Prompts

  • What was happening in my life in May this year? What was I creating, calling in and manifesting?
  • What have I learned since May? Do I still want the same things?
  • How am I ready to use my voice to create change in my life?
  • What communication habits and/or beliefs have I outgrown and now ready to release?
  • Is there anything else that my higher self would like me to know?

Amy Lea is an astrologer, human design guide, energy practitioner and business mentor. She combines her knowledge and training in human design, astrology and energy science with her 10+ years of experience working in traditional business to help business owners, creatives and CEOs remember who they are, connect with their purpose and unique gifts, and create a life that is aligned and enriching.

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