Full Moon in Leo

Roar Power

Leo Themes & Keywords: Celebration & Joy — Leadership — V.I.P — Talent — Entertainment

Have you noticed it’s your independent and quirky Aquarian friends and fam celebrating their birthday season? Since the full moon is always in the sign opposite the Sun that means it’s a lunar peak in Leo. And if it’s you born under the sign of the water bearer, Happy Birthday!

As the second of three fire signs, Leo's warmth and drama provide a polarity to the cool, detached intellect of Aquarius. A full moon is a high point of emotional energy, dialing up and drawing out lunar themes.

The moon represents our instinctual and emotional life. Our need for belonging, nurture, safety and love. Needless to say, mother issues (positive or negative) are a big feature. Notice what that might be in the week leading up to and around the full moon and you’ll have your answer. 

As a fixed sign, Leo fire is stable, consistent and draws people to it through talent and creative self-expression. Therefore this is one of the best times of the year to throw a party, be that host with the most, celebrate life and love or debut something you’ve been working on. 

Confidence is a major theme of Leo, which stats show often out-trumps competence. Who gets the raise, attention, job or award? Often the one that actually tries, shows up, gives their best and can self-promote! That belief in self is so important. 

One of the galaxies' most famous, and at this point enduring, Aquarius sun-Leo moon combinations is Paris Hilton. She loves a group and can back herself with supreme confidence. As an heiress, she may be American royalty, but she says anyone can walk into the room with the confidence of an heiress, you don’t actually need to be one. And I second that statement. 

Experiment with Hilton's advice on this full moon and nurture yourself by soaking up lunar confidence and expressing outward. Experiment with regal body posture: chest up, shoulders back, head held high, open body language. If you catch yourself trying to make yourself small, (either physically or verbally) turn it around and take up more space. 

Think of someone with supreme confidence that you admire and ask yourself how they would do something like talk, walk, what choice they may make, how that might feel. 

Draw on the polarity; Aquarius is a sign of experimentation, so apply it to the exercise below and note the results in a ) how you feel when you do the exercise and b) how others respond in different situations when you try the exercise. 

Do this during full moon, and the following week. The moon is about habit and the body's subconscious intelligence/automated systems so keep it up for 21 days to lock it in. Changing our habits may be uncomfortable so begin just over the edge of your comfort zone and expand as you gain confidence. Think like a child; they can barely walk, make a mess with crayons, fall over all the time. But that attitude, they just do it again and of course, get better and gain confidence! Small but powerful changes like this can ultimately change your world, so keep it up and remember you’re leading by example. 

Little people are looking to you to model how to be in the world. So if there's a reason, it’s the next-gen. Leo is a sign of performance; write yourself in by creating your own script and giving an academy award-worthy performance called, "It’s My Life!" Or, "You Only Live Once So Go For It! Find your own title and make it this month's motto.

Prompts for Reflection

You may have heard of "Finding Your Why." Well, this full moon encourages you to find your "I." Specifically within society, social circles, and groups.

Time to Draw up Your Venn Diagram

What are the common denominators within all of these intersections? That's the Leo. What are the differing areas you step into, that set other areas apart? That's the line from Leo at the centre, to the pockets of Aquarius. 

Full moons are ALL about polarity and balance. Without a strong sense of who we are, or a willingness to back ourselves and remain centered, we can lose ourselves in others/a crowd or group. So this is your "I’m Special" moment. Jot out all the ways you shine and what nurtures that glow in terms of self-care. 

Motto for Self-Care

"I easily express my emotional needs in a way I’m recognized and cared for." 


This full moon is the culmination point of the new moon in Leo six months ago. What were you wishing for, initiating or planning then? New moons are about planting seeds while full moons are the point of fruition and harvest. Consciously look for what you want along Leo themes and you’re more likely to spot them! 

Sidestep Pitfalls

Are there any pitfalls to this radiant sign? The nature of polarity is that it sits on a scale so when they go low, you go high. When they go high, meet them there! 

With a penchant for drama and attention at any cost, don’t be the squeaky wheel. Instead, channel a need for attention into a talent so you’re serving entertainment and receiving love and positive attention. This is great advice for your high energy, extroverted young ones since Leo rules childhood and children too.

Happy Full Moon Luna Lovers! 

Vanessa Montgomery of Astro All-Starz is the resident celebrity astrologer for Glamour Magazine USA. She is a professional consulting astrologer and author of Star Power, Cosmic Power, and recently published Astro Power: A Simple Guide to Prediction and Destiny for the Modern Mystic. Montgomery's work navigates the practical essentials with grounded cosmic intel. Clients come for the astrology and stay for the empowering upshift and opening to possibilities. Schedule your 1:1 consultation today at astroalstarz.com

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