Full Moon in Pisces

This full moon in Pisces - a Blue Moon - may have you all in your feels, with an urgent sense of wanting to shift something in your life.

The current energy invites you to focus on nurturing all aspects of your life, including yourself!

This is a perfect opportunity to release some trapped emotions and renew, revamp, or maybe even begin prioritizing your self-care.

 Slow down. Ditch old habits (maybe even people) that are no longer serving you. Don’t overthink it - trust your inner knowing of what is right for you in this moment, then set about doing you!

I invite you to...

  • Sip your favorite beverage in a cozy space
  • Take a walk and notice the vibrant life all around
  • Sit in your car and listen to music to match your mood
  • Write a list of all you are grateful for - big and small

Let's prioritize self again (or maybe for the first time ever?)!

I've been intentionally carving out time for myself everyday - even if just 5 minutes.

I promise, all the things will be there after your moment of sacred self-care, yet with a positive uptick in your energy. For me, this often provides a shift in perspective and more flow + ease in lifing.

I’ll be dipping into my virtual chest of tools to double-down on my self-care this season.

What will you dive into to nourish your mind, body, and spirit?

Let’s make self-care sacred!

Cynthia Davidson is the Founder of Intuitive Essentials and your very own Human Design Strategist and Energy Alchemist, providing a wealth of tools to assist you in tuning your frequency, raising your vibration, and better understanding your divine design through 1-1 guidance, partnership sessions, and team or group engagements utilizing human design, the emotion and body codes, sound therapy, mindfulness, and movement - just to name a few of the many tools in Cynthia's chest. Connect with Cynthia Below! 

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