Full Moon in Virgo

SUPERCHARGE your "Spring Cleaning!" 

March is an enormous month energetically.
It brings us the Spring Equinox on March 20th, which is the Astrological New Year; Saturn moves into Pisces on March 8thand will be there for the next THREE YEARS until February 2026, and Pluto moves into Aquarius on March 23rd, where it will live for the NEXT TWENTY-ONE years! 

On March 7th, we've got a Full Moon at 16 Degrees in Virgo at @4:40AM PST. 

When I sat down to research this moon and nerded out over endless hours of youtube and Astro Gold chart reading...I found out that this is the 6th Full Moon in a row of 7 full moons total, which are ALL at 16 degrees of their sign!!! 

Now, I am also a major tarot card nerd. And if you look at the 16th card in the traditional Tarot Deck, it just so happens to be to Tower. When the Tower energy is present it's time that we expect the unexpected! The potential for massive changes, upheavals, and even destruction, and chaos are in the works. This "prediction" aligns with the fact that at the exact time of the Full Moon, there happen to be SIX planets in mutable/changing (Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.) 
  • Saturn, Mercury, the Sun, and Neptune are all in Pisces 
  • Mars is in Gemini
  • And the Moon is in Virgo
This means we have a HEAVY emphasis on shifting or changing of energy and FAST. How can we best prepare for such a potentially inauspicious time?

Ask yourself: How effortlessly can you allow and adapt to the changing circumstances? 
It's time to channel your inner chameleon!! Call in all of the things that you know keep you grounded during this time like getting out in nature - feet to earth, Meditate, Sound and vibrational healing, Make Love, Sing, dance, ecstatic dance, take a bath...Do whatever you need to minimize potential overwhelm. 
In this vein, we can also call upon the healing energies of the Virgo-Pisces axis: aka the health axis. Virgo rules our digestion and gut, so really it's all about purification. Pisces rules the Circulatory system and governs our immunity.

We can interpret this as a recommendation from the astral bodies to SUPERCHARGE YOUR SPRING CLEANING!
And I mean SUPER. 
This is more than just drinking lemon water and green juice for three days....it's a complete clearing and cleansing of your entire energy field as well as your consciousness. Where in your home, your life, and your consciousness are there remnants of an older version of you, your small self? Where are there lingering limiting beliefs? What boulders are taking up space in your consciousness? Clear it all out. And then you can go for your more traditional forms of spring cleaning like drinking your green juice and cleaning out your closet from those heavy winter clothes ;) 
No more looking in the rearview mirror and letting your past self determine your future self's AMAZING life. It's high time with these potent energies to clean up shop, expand your capacity to adapt and realize your True Self, realigning to your destiny. 


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