New Moon in Aquarius

All new moons signal a start to a new cycle, however, this new moon is opening huge new doors in different ways (how very Aquarian of it!). As we know, the Gregorian New Year started on January 1st and this year we had two inner planets retrograde at the time - Mars and Mercury. Mars went direct on January 12th and Mercury went direct on January 18th, so we had an extra slow start to the new year. In my opinion, this New Moon is ushering in more of the start to the new year than January 1st did. Taking place on January 21st at 1 degree of Aquarius, it also coincides with the Chinese New Year on the next day.

Aquarius is the rebel - the maverick - and it’s where we do things differently than the status quo. What’s notable as well is the ruler of this New Moon is Uranus and it goes direct the next day (the same day as the Chinese New Year). Uranus shakes things up and does so in shocking ways. That’s because it gets us out of the old so that the new consciousness can come in.

Aquarius and Uranus are both connected to the superconscious; we are going otherworldly with our visions and our inventions, and it will come through in ways you least expect! In other words, things are about to rock and roll around here for 2023 - especially as we build into March, which is going to be a wild ride for all of us as many changes are happening in the collective. 

While all this sounds fun and exciting (it is!) and maybe a bit confusing since we don’t really know what’s coming, the reality is this New Moon is also conjunct (meaning “touching") Pluto. This is going to add a flavor of depth and embodiment to a New Moon that would normally be more in the mental realm. Pluto is about truth; plain and simple. It’s connected to your soul’s truth, not your ego’s truth. It pulls out what is no longer aligned so you can birth something new. With Pluto conjunct this New Moon is a reminder to slow down and feel your feelings. Aquarius energy is not always known to feel through the feelings since it’s better serving the collective and being objective. So, this aspect will help bring you out of your head and into your body where you can ask your heart the truth of your journey. 

Movement & Reflection for the New Moon

An exercise that would be supportive of the cosmic energy under this new moon is for you to play your favorite music and move your body. It can be as free form as dancing around your house, or it can be as gentle as sitting on the floor and moving your hips in whatever way feels good to you. When you’re doing this, ask yourself some questions:

  1. What is getting in my way of accessing my full potential?
  2. What have I been lying to myself about? (This one is deep, but with Pluto in mind, it’s all about how you can break free from from your own perceived illusions and out of your own shackles.

Wishing you love and magic on your adventure as you connect in deeper to your soul. Remember your truth not the programs that you’ve taken on as your own. Then you will be free to fly! 

Danielle Paige is an International Spiritual Teacher, Soul Astrologer, Host of Cosmic Body Podcast and Founder of Purposely Divine: School For Your Soul and Astrology Mystery School. By fusing astrology, energetic healing, and intuition, she helps her clients heal their wounds, clear old patterns, and come back home to their heart. Danielle has traveled to over 32 countries leading retreats and bringing women together.

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