New Moon in Capricorn

The last new moon of the year brings with it an internal sense of spring – fresh beginnings, clearance of the past, and a glimpse into the future. Its current sign of Capricorn invites us to embrace a more grounded form of renewed hope as we close out 2022 and step into 2023.

Depending on where the moon sign falls in your unique chart, your emotions, perspective, energy levels, sleep, communication and more will feel a deep shift over this week. If Capricorn is your sun, moon or rising, this new moon will be potent!

You will naturally find yourself drawn toward organization, goal creation, improvement, and an overall desire to enhance your life. You may also experience a higher level of self-criticism, a tendency towards perfectionism, and perhaps even feel a pull to swim in the pool of pessimism on occasion. There is nothing to fear.  Every moon offers you a glimpse into the full spectrum of emotion you can carry under one sign. You are not out of control. Instead, the moon is simply enhancing layers of who you are, shifting the light so that you can see yourself from another angle in the mirror of self-reflection.

This earthly moon is a gift, here to ground you one final time before sending your precious spirit into the new year, motivated and ready for what’s to come!

New Moon Flower Essence Therapy

One lovely way to lean into the moon’s invitation or to soften its activations, is to incorporate Dr. Edward Bach’s flower essence therapy. Flower essences are gentle extractions of specific plant frequencies that have been researched and demonstrated to shift emotional states. With zero contraindications, flower essences are also completely safe for the elderly, pregnant, and infant.

As a part of your new moon experience, consider the emotional support below. Allow yourself to gently reflect without overthinking, then select whichever descriptions resonate and align with your tendencies. Narrow it down to your top 1-3 and then add these chosen flower essences to your daily water, tea (get 5% off our favorite blends by Pique Tea with code CARSON) or bath. Enjoy the essences a few days prior, during, and a couple days after the new moon for the best support.

  • To ease self-criticism & forgive yourself: Pine
  • To soften rigid perfectionism: Rock Water
  • To lift out of pessimism & find hope: Gentian
  • To prevent burnout: Oak
  • To deepen patience: Impatiens
  • To fortify focus & awareness: Clematis
  • To root deeper into the earth as you transition into the new year: Walnut

To Dose: add 1-4 drops to a bath or to a drinkable liquid. For coffee lovers, try mixing it into a cup of Kion's USDA Organic certified blends (get 15% off with code CARSON). To enhance the effect, take 1-4 drops more frequently. To evaporate any alcohol in the tincture, allow the drops to dissipate in the water for 60 seconds before sipping.

Source: Bach flower essences can be made at home, found at your local health food store or purchased in the United States through FES.

Jessi Michel Agadoni is a Sensitive Health Guide. Her purpose is to help Sensitives cultivate success without succumbing to constant overwhelm, anxiety, depression, auto-immunity, or any other body imbalance that could prevent them from having the impact they are called to have on this world! Her practice, Mêrfleur Wellness, teaches Sensitives how to rebuild their calm and resiliency to create sustainable health. She deeply believes that if all Sensitives live in alignment with their sensitivity the world will be a much more beautiful and peaceful place. Visit her website to learn more about her unique Authentic Calm Method.

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