New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini is now upon us and if you want to utilize any moon cycle this year, it’s this one. New Moons are a time of openness, embracing energy, starting a new project, setting your intentions, and moving forward in your goals. Being in the sign of Gemini and being ruled by Mercury also in Gemini, this New Moon is representing new cycles in learning, friendship, community, expression, and curiosity.

Because Mercury is the main player in this moon cycle, manifesting and setting intentions just got 10x more powerful. Under this moon cycle, write down your goals and dreams whether big or small, share your worries with a friend and allow them to extend support, and don’t forget to ask your boss, partner, or yourself, the much needed questions. Your voice has so much power.

Your mind has the ability to change your reality. What you say and think about yourself comes true. How you approach your goals and dreams, whether with dread or with positivity, that’s how it will come about. Although New Moons are more about embracing than releasing, it is time to not only learn but unlearn ideas that stand in the way between you and the life you deserve.

Connect with the energy of air: speak your fears into the wind and let it carry them away. Write and repeat grounding but inspiring affirmations. Connect with friends, motivate each other, and leave gossip and bicker behind you!

Mercury in Gemini is sextile Venus in Leo: there is a strong value and emphasis on expressing yourself, sharing your gifts with the world, speaking your mind boldly, and thinking more positively and passionately about yourself and life. There is no need for competition or comparison; embrace the uniqueness that we all have to offer the world.

Due to the high Mercurial energy and Venus and Mars being in Leo, we collectively are in need of some grounding this New Moon. Setting your intentions and knowing what you want is one thing, but rooting yourself in your dream, staying determined, and reminding yourself of delayed gratification is key to those manifestations coming into the physical!

Journaling Prompts

Here are some questions for self-reflection on this new moon:

  1. What do you enjoy doing or immersing yourself in? How can you make more time for that in your life?

  2. Where in your life can you be more open minded, curious, and ready to learn rather than stubborn, closed off or unreceptive?

  3. How do you speak to yourself? What are some ideas or beliefs about yourself, others, or the world around you that you repeat to yourself? Are they positive and uplifting? Does it leave room for curiosity and understanding or does it facilitate negativity and keep you in a stagnant energy?

  4. What in your life needs change? What about yourself needs change? Even if it’s just you wanting to change up your style, and try something new, dedicate yourself to the constant flow of change in life!

  5. Write a journey entry as though you just finished the best day of your life; what did you do, eat, smell, feel, etc.?

May this New Moon give you the power to use your voice and mind like never before!

Mechila Blake, of Astrology Lyfe, is an astrologer and tarot reader from Texas. She been studying astrology for over 4 years now and her intention has always been to connect with others, teach and learn within a community and expand understanding of a wide range of topics within spirituality. She offers a wide range of services from chart readings to tarot calls and more

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