Scorpio New Moon

This New Moon isn’t your average, due to it being a partial Solar Eclipse, which is happening in the intense sign of Scorpio. New Moons are the time for harvesting the magical energy given to us and then planting your seeds of intentions to the Universe. Although, during Eclipse seasons this isn’t the case, and I highly advise against your usual moon manifestation practice; let me explain why.

Spiritually speaking, the energy accompanied with eclipses can be of chaos and unpredictability: "expect the unexpected" vibes. Astronomically speaking, an eclipse occurs when the moon aligns as it passes between the Earth and the Sun, resulting in light and the life-force energy of our Sun being obstructed. Certainly not the most fertile or auspicious energies for us to be using for our manifestations. 

Instead, Eclipse season is when Spirit is showing us what needs to be noticed and revolutionised, especially as it’s in the transformational sign of Scorpio, whilst still propelling us into the realm of new beginnings (New Moon). I must add that in two weeks there will be a Lunar eclipse in the sister sign, Taurus, meaning that this eclipse season is highlighting areas of both Scorpio and Taurus themes. 


Solar eclipse = Major events, being catapulted forward, new beginnings 
Scorpio = Finances, transformation, rebirth, power
Taurus = Money, security, grounding


Each new moon is unique due to the ever changing movements of our Solar System, and on this particular day, the luminaries (sun & moon)/eclipse are at 2 Degree Scorpio, Venus is also at 2 degree of Scorpio, making them all conjunct (blended energies) one another. The South Node (Karma) is currently in Scorpio, which is also close by at 13 degrees.


Venus = Your Values
South Node = Karma


Journal Prompt

Here’s what you can journal upon under this intense Solar eclipse…

Remember, no manifestation practices here, instead it’s time for grounding yourself, and to tap into your psyche, go inwards and ask yourself some powerfully potent questions, to make space for growth and new beginnings. Bonus point is to see which house this eclipse is happening in to deepen your guidance and interpretation. To see where this eclipse is happening in your own birth chart, just look to which house 2 degree Scorpio covers, then look at what that house represents. 

  • What shadows (Scorpio/South Node) am I still holding onto that is hindering me from my potential?
  • What do I need to release in order to transform my reality?
  • Are my values (Venus) aligned with my actions to the manifestations that I am working towards? 
  • Who must I become, in order to align to my higher-self? How can I show up as them daily?
  • Where am I self-sabotaging and destroying my own potential?
  • What do I believe to be true about money?
  • How can I take better control of my finances?

Melanie Bentley-Moore is a professional astrology, spiritual and mindset coach from The UK, who guides others to not only know astrology and their birth chart, but how to use it for life and business, to create more success, flow and joy. Melanie is on a mission to connect and align Souls with their purpose, power, promise and potential which is all found within ones birth chart. 

Being a Sagittarius North Node, Melanie is born to be the guide and teach, you can learn from Melanie here or book a birth chart reading here. You can find a downloadable astrology foundational guide freebie here.

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