Body Scrub, C & The Moon, Carson Meyer

Made in Malibu...

Growing up by the sea, with an environmentalist mother, I was always aware of the unhealthy chemicals in the food we eat and in the products we put on our skin. Having a conscious outlook on what I put in and on my body inspired me to create a healthy product for myself that would nourish sensitive skin without negatively impacting the environment. Made with fine grained Brown Sugar, Coconut, Jojoba and Almond oil, this yummy scrub gently exfoliates dead cells on the surface while cleansing and moisturizes deep into the skin. Its vanilla essence leaves you smelling like a cookie all day. C&The Moon body scrub is made without synthetic preservative or parabens. It is enjoyed by both men and women. 

About C

New favorite body scrub, and you know I've tried most of em.. organic and made at home with Love. I now smell like a cookie and skin is like silk! 

January Jones (@januaryjones)

I'm on my 4th giant jar. Love it

Rosanna Arquette

Seriously the BEST thing EVER!!! It is my favorite scrub ever!!! My skin feels amazing! Glowingly moisturized without feeling oily and I don't even need moisturizer after the shower anymore!

Irene Roth (@ireneroth)

My clients love this scrub!!! Thank you for such a beautiful & pure product that delivers gorgeous results!  

Lori Carhart // Facialist (@MySkinEvolution)

For years I have purchased an expensive well known brown sugar scrub but C & The Moon scrub is best in class!! I love this product and the beautiful inspiration behind it 

Cristina Carlino // Founder of Philosophy ® Skin Care