For years & years my family has begged Carson to make us her organic, all natural body scrub. I use it, my kids use it, it's heaven in a jar for your skin. Carson is full of love and good energy and I know she has put all that goodness into every single jar

Jennifer Meyer // Jewelry Designer (@jenmeyerjewerly)

Best Scrub Ever!

Kim Kardashian // (@kimkardashian)

New favorite body scrub, and you know I've tried most of em.. organic and made with Love. I now smell like a cookie and skin is like silk! 

January Jones // Actor (@januaryjones)

C & The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub is a five star yummy shower time delight. Originally hand crafted and absolutely authentic. It's a must have for brown sugar body scrub aficionados who crave clean beauty.

Cristina Carlino // Founder of Philosophy Beauty

My clients love this scrub!!! Thank you for such a beautiful & pure product that delivers gorgeous results!  

Lori Carhart // Facialist (@MySkinEvolution)

Seriously the BEST thing EVER!!! It is my favorite scrub ever!!! My skin feels amazing! Glowingly moisturized without feeling oily and I don't even need moisturizer after the shower anymore!

Irene Roth // Designer (@ireneroth)

When I shower and use my new favorite scrub the water just repels off my skin. It is my favorite feeling. Thanks for making such a good product.

Simone Harrer // Photographer

If you're in need of a non-toxic body scrub made with clean ingredients, C & The Moon is it. Smells so good you'll want to eat it. 

Cami Mendes // Actress (@camimendes)

“This is one of those revolutionary beauty breakthrough products that over-delivers big time. I literally can’t stand my skin without it. I feel like an actual baby at 44. Nothing will ever make your skin softer than this genius scrub.”

Tracy Anderson via NY Post